Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
—Joseph Campbell


Here are some websites we've created or updated.

Buckeye Barrels

An original site for North Carolina rifle barrel distributor using client supplied graphics and fonts.

Jim Chambers Flintlocks

North Carolina manufacturer of world-class flintlock rifle kits. This was a site redesign which hasn't been updated in ages.

[HERE] is a new responsive version not yet live.


A very basic responsive gallery site for painter Cle Caswell.

George Brooks Studio

This is an original site for important modernist jeweler George Brooks designed to match a print book.


My very first domain name and website, created to support USPSA shooting clubs in Western North Carolina.

The StageBuilder utility and Generic Scoresheet features are used by shooting clubs, law enforcement, and military worldwide. This is a Wordpress blog.

CM Pictures

Client-designed site for photographer/author Chris Messner