Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
—Joseph Campbell


Some examples of how Photoshop can be used to improve the appearance of your pictures.

Jefferson Memorial, Washington, DC

Color Correction

Most digital photographs can benefit from careful color correction. In this example, the image matches the original Kodachrome slide, but color adjustment in Photoshop results in a more pleasing — if not entirely faithful — rendition.

Mouse over the image to correct the color.

Density and Contrast

Mouse over the image to change the contrast.

Contrast before

Digital Compositing

Compositing involves adding, removing, or combining image elements.

In this example, we scanned two 3.5" x 9.5" vintage prints and combined them into one 11" x 60" panoramic image. Tricky as the photos were shot from different camera positions.

cracked print

Digital Restoration

This example was particularly challenging because not only was the treasured family photograph broken into numerous pieces, but silver in the emulsion had migrated to the surface. The silver is highly reflective and results in a poor scanned image.

We reassembled the board, photographed it on a copy stand through a polarizing filter using polarized lighting. This eliminated the reflections caused by the dichroic silver. Finally, we scanned the 4x5 copy transparency and brought the file into Photoshop for digital repair.

The finished print revealed detail not visible even in the original.