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Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
—Joseph Campbell

Digital Payment

Computer Support

We offer timely help for a wide variety of computer issues.

Windows PC is our specialty: non-starting computer, virus/malware infection, misbehaving programs or peripherals. We can help you choose a system, upgrade your existing computer, set up a reliable backup system, create a home network, or get your printer to behave.

We can make a house call, you can bring your computer to us, or we can work through a remote desktop session using the excellent TeamViewer software.

Digital Imaging

We offer scanning of film and prints, digital restoration, digital compositing, and preparation of files for output.

Skillful use of Photoshop™ will improve almost any picture: it's not just for making celebrities look like aliens. We have years of experience working with Photoshop in a high-end production environment.

If you want to learn how to use Photoshop or other graphics programs, we offer personal one-on-one instruction.

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Making a website nowadays is at the same time simpler and more complicated than a few years ago.

Interactive database-backed websites such as Wordpress blogs are vastly more complicated than the simple static sites of a decade ago, but at the same time we have many free or lowcost services and templates available. Squarespace, Wordpress, even basic Facebook and Tumblr pages are quick and easy to make.

A complex e-commerce or highly interactive site with a searchable database is best implemented using proven code. You don't want to risk your users' account information, and platforms such as Wordpress are highly evolved and secure. If you only need a simple site with a few pages, many web hosts include a free browser-based D.I.Y. website builder. Most likely, your requirements will fall somewhere in between.

We can help you register a domain name, determine what kind of site you need, help you choose a platform and design, and then maintain the site. Turnaround for simple edits is typically one day. And we won't disappear after the job's done.

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Self-publishing an ebook is easier than ever. By converting your work to a standards-compliant EPUB ebook, you can upload and sell your work on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks among others.

According to Wikipedia :

An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, digital book) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. Sometimes the equivalent of a conventional printed book, e-books can also be born digital. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as "an electronic version of a printed book," but e-books can and do exist without any printed equivalent. E-books are usually read on dedicated hardware devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices. Personal computers and some cell phones can also be used to read e-books.

We reformat your digital text file (such as a Word document or plain text file) into an ebook for Kindle, tablet or computer. Using the controls on the e-reader device, the reader can change font size, margins and line spacing so the text reflows to fill the available screen. This is different from a PDF file which can only be zoomed in and out.

Free conversion software such as Calibre will convert many file types to ebook formats, but while adequate for personal use, it is not intended for commercial output. To achieve a perfectly formatted ebook, we do our conversions "by hand". We make custom Title and Table of Contents pages, and enter the metadata which is so important for ebooks. The result is a valid EPUB ebook file, which we convert to a .mobi file for upload to Amazon.

Pricing starts at $120, with an additional charge for more than 25 chapters, pictures, tables, or special formatting such as required for poetry or plays. Base price assumes a carefully proofread Word (or plain text) digital file with minimal formatting. Ebooks don't have page numbers or page headers; only bold/italic type is carried over from the text file, so a minimally formatted text document will be easier (and therefore less expensive) to convert. For this reason, originals in InDesign or PDF will cost more to convert.

For your convenience, we have an online metadata worksheet for you to provide book info. Find it [here].

Most novels will not incur an additional charge. Delivery is under a week.

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Need some simple product photography for your website or Ebay? We can make your item look it's best without making a major production of it. By photographing larger items in situ, we save you time and money.

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